is the title of the next album of Armonight: that says it all! This title was chosen because the new album represents the real nature of the band. The musical genre that Armonight is going to propose is a “street rock”, often characterized by shades of blues, and most of the lyrics talks about the desire to have fun and to entertain. Concerning the performance of the songs, there are no tricks or pretenses: the recordings are made simply by placing a pair of microphones in front of the speakers and in the middle of the room and the post production work will be made without affecting too much the played parts.
Fjord: “Actually the first idea was the live recording of the entire album, we wanted to record all the instruments at the same time, like a gig but without an audience. Then we decided that Frens would have to record both the bass and the drums so we changed idea. Our aim is to give to our fans a product that is as genuine as possible: Armonight is a live band first of all, so we want our album to represent us for who we really are!”

The Cd will contain 12 tracks:

01. Boring day
02. Staggering drunk
03. Waiting for tonight
04. The luck of heroes
05. My best friend
06. The stray dog blues
07. Keep out the darkness
08. Gypsy girl
09. So stupid
10. Stay away from me
11. Don’t waste your time
12. Who we really are

In the next days the front cover will be published. For now we cannot anticipate anything about its content, except that it will be a picture which depicts the true essence of the band in all its simplicity!